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Sell online, process payments, build e-commerce websites, or use business tools designed to grow your business.

Millions of small and big businesses use ConnectYu Pay to accept payments anywhere any time with a wide range of solutions for all kind of merchants

Optimize Your Business Processes With ConnectYuPay

Make it as easy as possible to pay. Modular or combined with other services.

The Fastest Way To Integrate Online Payments

Integrate once and let your customers pay you however they want.

Build a successful online business with our Online Business tools.

We’re your specialists for optimizing you business processes and technically integrating payment solutions. With us, you get everything from one source; modular end-to-end solutions, and flexibly configurable white-label products.

Our SaaS Business Tools And Services

Why choose us

Recharge, pay bills, bus tickets, manage your business processes, trade crypto, get loans, and do a lot more.

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    We understand the needs of our customers, respect them, and offer relevant service.

    Gaining our customer's trust is important to us as a company and we plan to earn our customers’ trust.

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    Customer Centric

    Our focus is on our customers.

    Our entire vision is centered on making our customers happy by meeting their business needs.

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    Exceeding our customers’ expectations.

    Get 500 bonus points on opening an account and earn points on every $$$ you spend.

Tools that connect every side of your business.

Providing seamless, secured and simple ways to receive payments using Cross border transfers, Wallet - Wallet Transfers, Bank Transfers or on merchant sites.

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Business Management Tools

All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM, CRM

* Tools that connect and power every side of your business.

Web and Mobile Application Builder

Create you business website or application in just 10 minutes

* Customize your website our drag and drop page builder.

Advertise with us like never before

Be seen by 100 million + monthly active users all over the world.

* Introducing the ConnectYu Affiliate and influencer Networks

Accounting System

Accounting system is available to our business customers. This built in accounting application software enable business to record and process accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance.

* It is an accounting information system.

Delight customers with a seamless payments experience

Give your customers the gift of modern, frictionless, painless payments. Integrate ConnectPay once and let your customers pay you however they want and on any platform..

* Mobile Money, Visa Card, Bank Account, Bank Transfer, QR Payment, POS, Crypto Wallet, and more

Sell, save, spend, and borrow as fast as you need to.

Small business owners look to ConnectPay to expand and improve on the long-standing and often-unfair conventions surrounding financial services—like unnecessary, outdated fees and applications. We can do it better.

* Our merchants deserve solutions that can keep up.

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A Solution for every business.

A tool for every task. One platform for your business.